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Some news or notes by Michela for the users of and the enthusiasts of the world of BASENJI:

15.11.17 BRISA campionessa al WORLDDOG SHOW LEIPZIG 2017

Only 22 months old, and Brisa do LIZ de Viamonte is a world champion best PODENGO 2017 from 25 podengo pequeno

27.08.16 BRISA is champion at EURO DOG SHOW UKRAINE 2017

Brisa do Liz de Viamonte Champion junior European Champion junior Ucraine Grand Champion junior Ucraine Best of Breeder Bob European Kiev 2017 junior Champion Italy Croazia San Marino Principato di Monaco 1 cac Champion Italy

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05.07.16 BRISA DO LUZ DE VIAMONTE is arrived!

And Brisa do Luz de Viamonte is arrived at Bologna airport, two and half months podengo Portuguese pequenio coarse hair.
Finally, directly from Portugal, I present you the little podenghina porteghese pequenia Brisa do luz de Viamonte: I thank the great breeder Count Michele Sabino to have believed in me giving me this superb specimen of the breed.

11.01.13 Here are the puppies of Orchidea Selvaggia !

New born also at the Innocenti breed: Orchidea Selvaggia (father Faraoland Sigi Freud of Hakunamatata breed) has given birth to 5 puppies: 4 beautiful girls and a boy (4 red and tricoloured female).

07.01.13 The Kibaki puppies are born in Rome !

The puppies of Kibaki (Gregori family) and Jasiri-Sukari Bucking the Trind ( Hakunamatata breed) were born in Rome : 3 males and 3 females, 4 black and 2 white and red trigrato.

15.10.12 Expecting two new litters ...

At the end of 2012/early 2013 there will be two important and exclusive matings with champions of Innocenti and Hakunamatata breedings, please visit this page for all the details.

01.04.12 evviva, also MOJO has been adopted!!

Unfortunately, the first family who wants him to adopt had problems just at the time of the planned adoption, but now Mojo has finally his family too!

I take this opportunity to thank those who have contacted me, giving their availability for the adoption.


20.03.12 MOJO is still available for adoption !

Mojo the puppy, 2 months, of the litter of mother Alexandria, is still available for adoption! For information please contact me as soon as possible.

Michela Tel. +39 333 5903047 - Email


On January 16, 2012 two beautiful brindle puppies were born, the male (Mojo) and the female (SCiarlise), from the mother Alexandria.

16.12.12 DETAILS , from Michela Innocenti.

Because of some unuseful ads appeared  in other websites that concern me and my breeding (that certainly I can't understand the reasons), I would publish the same details:

"Few years ago the site and the forum and the basenji breeding Case Rosse of Luisa Ghetti are active. These pages have no connection with my website, or there are absolutely no links with me,  neither with my Basenji amateur breeding "allevamento amatoriale basenji Innocenti" located  in Livorno, neither with my basenji dogs that I care with passion for many years. "

Michela Innocenti
allevamento amatoriale basenji Innocenti

N.B. Fortunately, many of us only share a passion for this wonderful dog.


Victoria for Druidwood became Italian champion of beauty (in ratification).


About two months ago, Mario Sbrana, the great breeder and expert of basenji breed of the Kinzica basenji breeding of Pisa, departed this life ...